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SCOUT RERA CONSULTANT is a market leader, offering compliance, advisory, and professional services in accordance with The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016.








Our company aims to revolutionize the Real Estate Builders registration process through our exceptional service and consultancy. We are dedicated to serving our clients to ensure their satisfaction and garner positive word-of-mouth in the RERA industry.


Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our RERA expertise and enhance the client experience by offering comprehensive services all in one place.

scout rera consultant

We are a leading RERA Consultant firm in the industry. With more than 5 years of experience

We are a leading consultancy firm for all RERA-related services Rera consultancy in Kandivali Mumbai. We have earned a reputation for our knowledge, specialised solutions, and high-quality service. Under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, we provide services to real estate developers/investors, agents, allottees, financial institutions, and industry associations.


Project Registration

Registering a project under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) can be daunting for Promoters due to the Act's specific requirements and navigating the complex application process on the regulatory authority's portals. It is time-consuming and challenging, often requiring professional assistance to ensure compliance and completion within the legal framework.

Agent Registration

Our RERA-compliant real estate agency offers seamless service to clients, with a sector-focused approach and collaborative approach to deliver business objectives. As per RERA mandates, we are registered under the Act for promoting registered projects, ensuring compliance and professionalism in all our dealings. Trust us for expert guidance and efficient execution in the real estate industry.


The RERA mandates that a promoter must submit all necessary details and documents, along with the registration application, including provisions for future updates, undertakings, and financial viability of the project. It is crucial for the promoter to carefully consider these factors while applying for the grant to ensure compliance with RERA regulations and to safeguard the interests of homebuyers.

As per RERA regulations, promoters of registered real estate projects must file quarterly updates within the specified timeframe by the respective states. Failure to do so may result in violations and penalties for late filing. Timely submission is mandatory to avoid any potential breach of the Act's provisions and penalties. Compliance with these quarterly updates is essential to ensure adherence to RERA guidelines and avoid any legal consequences.

Quarterly Updates

Association Formation

Our team has vast experience in forming Allottee Associations in compliance with state laws. We assist clients in quickly and smoothly establishing these associations, as required by the Act, within three months of booking the majority of units. Our expertise ensures a seamless process, providing guidance and counseling to clients to ensure successful formation.

Legal Consultation

RERA has transformed the real estate sector with its compliance requirements, including filing Agreement of Sale/Conveyance deed and project registration grant. Joint development projects also require landowners and promoters to fulfill their statutory obligations, promoting accountability and transparency in the industry.



Our team of experienced legal and financial experts are well-versed in the statutory requirements of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). We provide comprehensive guidance to clients on the transfer and takeover process of real estate projects, ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the legal and financial aspects involved.

Professional Certificates

SCOUT RERA CONSULTANTS offers certifications from qualified chartered accountants, registered engineers, and architects with expertise in RERA and the real estate industry. Obtain a variety of certificates to comply with RERA regulations and enhance your credibility in the real estate sector.

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